M-Nivaran App

App Name- M-Nivaran

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Short Description: App to set a single point contact between all Govt. officials, elected representatives and common citizens.


Long Description: This App is meant for citizens to empower and enable them to come forward and put on their concerns. This app will be a single point contact between all Govt. officials, elected representatives and common citizens with the motto of all enclusion in decision making for betterment of state and country.

Citizen Login

1)Panic Button: The peculiar features of this app helps citizens to seek for immediate help when their life in danger by just one click. Girls can seek immediate help using panic button.  Geolocation based tracking will help if Citizen is in danger.

2) Complaint Register:  In addition Citizens can lodge complaints, suggestions and feedback to any office with or without disclosing their identity. A notification will be sent when some action is taken against feedback, complaint and suggestion.

3) Anonymous Complaint: Citizens can also upload and send image of issues which they want to bring in notice of District Administration.

4) Talk To Officials or elected Representatives: Provision to direct connect with district nodal officer and escalating issue to Deputy Commissioner if not resolved for important Schemes like ghar ghar rojgar OSC center, Ayushman bharat etc. This app will help citizens to make a direct communication with the government officials and their elected representatives. Citizens can seek for appointments 24/7 with DC/SSP/MP/MLA  and can call to DC/SSP/MP/MLA in the availability hours.

5) Other Services: Citizens can get information/notification as per their interest from District Administration, this may include COVID-19 emergency guidelines, starting of enrolment of any camp scheme of Punjab government. People can also download important government forms and can also take advantage of online government service from this app. For wide Publicity and awareness among citizens for any event/ protocol/ rule /scheme this can app can be used.

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